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Liquid silicon

Micro-silica fume solution refers to the turbid liquid formed by mixing water and amorphous and active silicon dioxide (SiO2) microparticles collected by the dust collector which is specially designed through special treatment process.
    The average particle diameter of micro-silica fume solution is 0.15um, which is one of several hundredths of that of the cement. The specific surface area is as high as 21m2/g with strong surface activity.
    Micro-silica fume solution is able to restrain the interstitial water of cement paste and prevent against high-side channeling of water cement in cementing directional well and horizontal well. The ultra-thin particle plays a role in filling so as to improve the gelling speed of the cement paste quickly and increase the gas channeling resistance; the ultra-thin particle can largely increase the “point of strength” of the cement face and improve the interface cement quality.
    The active silicon dioxide in micro-silica fume solution is able to generate C-S-H gel by reacting with Ca (OH) 2 during the cement hydration process to make the cement past produce grid structure quickly during the solidification process and reduce the permeability of set cement, with a view to making the cement with high gas channeling resistance and acid resistance capacity.
    The micro-silica fume solution is applicable to the gas-channeling resistant and corrosion-resistant cement paste system and mainly used for gas-channeling resistance, well cementation and increasing the stability of cement paste system. The gas-channeling capacity can be as good as that of the latex gas-channeling inhibitor. Micro-silica fume solution system is used, the preliminary strength of set cement is in fast development under low temperature and the set cement is dense with low permeability and able to resist the corrosion of acid medium.
■Applicable scope: multi-air reservoir long open hole section, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide-contained stratum and horizontal well cementation.
■ Applied temperature: 50-150℃   ■ Applied density scope: 1.45-2.45/cm3
■ Applied cement: Grade API-G Grade H (HSR)
■ Applied water: from fresh water to undersaturated salt water
■ Dosage: 3-25%; the most proper dosage is determined by test according to the actual cement paste system
Appearance: black gray liquid
Content: 40%
Density: 1.4g/cm3
Package: 50kg and 200kg plastic barrel
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